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Locals eGift Card

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eGIFT Card Details:
The True Gift of Savings for an Entire Year! Give your friends and family a Membership eGIFT Card for a Savannah ePASS! This eGIFT Card can be applied towards a Local Savannah ePASS. Help your friends and family save BIG so they can spend more on what matters most!

Redemption Process: The Recipient...
• receives your personalized eGIFT Card with a unique Redemption Code in their email
• visits our website or app and adds their ePASS to their cart
• applies the Gift Card Code in their Shopping Cart
• the price of their Local ePASS is reduced to ZERO
• processes their order
• instantly accesses their ePASS from their smart phone
• downloads our app from the app store
• can now save hundreds at over 350 Local Merchants